FAQ about Ice Grip:

How does it work?

Ice Grip material is a patented material designed specifically to address jewelry slippage without the use of hooks, clips or elastic. Ice Grip allows for instant jewelry positioning without fasteners; Effortless removal for sales presentations: Faster set-up, Faster take-down.

How long will the gripping effect last?

The gripping effect of Ice Grip is an integral part of the material and will never wear off.

How do I clean Ice Grip?

To remove dust simply wipe with a damp cloth. Heavily soiled items can be cleaned with with most household cleaners including glass cleaner.

Can I order Ice Grip in custom colors?

Ice Grip material can be made in any custom color with a 500 yard minimum order.

Will Ice Grip match my existing displays or do I need to replace everything?

Ice Grip colors are designed to blend right in with your existing displays in the same color group. However, once you try Ice Grip, you will want to replace all your old displays.

FAQ about Breakaway Tray:

What makes Breakaway Tray easier to use?

Breakaway Tray puts and end to empty slots in ring, earring and pendant trays. After the sale simply remove the empty cube; reposition on the wedge and your done! No more fumbling to see if you have the right size tray for the remaining rings, earrings or pendants.

Can I mix and match the cubes?

Yes, that's the idea. Breakaway Trays modular design allows you to choose how to use them. Another big bonus, the cubes work on any of our displays with metal bases such as bracelet ramps. Versatility at your fingertips!