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  1. Extendable Riser

    Extendable Riser


    Extending riser 3 pc set:
    This versatile set can be used fully extended or stacked. Three fully extended sets fit perfectly in a six-foot showcase. Slide them in or out as much as you like or use them all separately. The choice is yours. There is not a more versatile riser.

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  2. Cube Risers

    Cube Risers


    Cube risers:

    Add interest and height to your showcases with this five-piece cube set. These are great for displaying individual rings and earrings and because the tops are covered with Ice Grip®, they are even great for draping necklaces and bracelets.

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  3. 2 Piece Riser

    2 Piece Riser


    Simple right-angled riser:

    This two-piece set is simple and elegant. Looks great with any style elements.

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  4. 3 Piece Riser Set

    3 Piece Riser Set


    Three piece interlocking riser set:

    Very traditional risers look fantastic when paired with rounded, traditional elements. Two sets fill a standard six-foot showcase.

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  5. Color Tile

    Color Tile


    Color Tiles:

    Change the look of your display sets with this very simple accessory. Change your with the seasons, with your mood or to highlight special items.

    These inexpensive color tiles can change the look of your store without having to change all of your displays.

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  6. Angled 2 Piece Riser Set

    Angled 2 Piece Riser Set


    Angled 2 pc riser set:

    Modern design updates any showcase and complements traditional or contemporary elements.

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