Pouch with outer box

Pouch with outer box

Premium suede pouches and folders with high quality outer box. These can be printed with your logo either on the pouch or the box or both.

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  1. SP01 Earring Pouch

    SP01 Earring Pouch


    Black suede earring folder pouch with matching black packer. Brand this item, we can print on the outer packer and the pouch inside. Learn More
  2. SP02 Bracelet Pouch

    SP02 Bracelet Pouch


    Suede bracelet folder pouch with matching two piece packer. Printable on outer box and pouch! Learn More
  3. SP03 Pearl/Necklace Folder

    SP03 Pearl/Necklace Folder


    Suede pearl / necklace folder with matching outer packer. Printable on both packer and pouch! Learn More
  4. SP33 Pouch

    SP33 Pouch


    Suede pouch with outer backer 3x3" Printable on both the packer and the pouch Learn More
  5. SP46 pouch

    SP46 pouch


    Suede pouch 4x6" with outer packer Learn More

5 Item(s)

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