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Introducing Klutch, the drop, zip and go jewelry travel folder. Simple to use, no pockets, no hooks, no snaps.  Arrive at your destination with your jewelry right where you dropped it! Go ahead, plan a trip! We’ve got your jewelry in our Klutch! 

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   Ice Grip® non-slip patented material is designed specifically to address jewelry slippage without the use of hooks, clips or elastic. Ice Grip® allows for instant jewelry positioning without fasteners. Effortless removal for sales presentations: Faster set-up, Faster take-down.

The gripping effect of Ice Grip® is an integral part of the material and will never wear off. Once you try Ice Grip® you will want to replace all your old displays.



The Breakaway Tray® US and PCT patented modular design allows you to choose how to use the cubes. One Breakaway Tray® does the work of eight, that's right eight trays! The modular design allows you to remove or add cubes as rings are sold or replaced.

Another big bonus, the cubes work on any of our displays with metal bases such as bracelet ramps. Versatility at your fingertips!




Give your customers the best proposal box available. The Pop The Question Box measures 3 3/8" x 2.5" x 3/4" thick and fits discretely into your pocket for a surprise proposal. The ring holder dances into position as the box is opened making the perfect ring even more magical. Available in black and brown and you can add your logo on the outside. Fits up to a 4mm band; a size 10 ladies ring up to 4mm wide and up to a 5 carat diamond. Custom colors available with orders over 2000 pieces.